Create your own cryptocurrency token
A step-by-step guide to creating your own cryptocurrency token

What is an asset?

A cryptocurrency tradable on the Porta blockchain.

Can I create my own cryptocurrency on the Porta blockchain?

Yes, and this tutorial shows you how.
Requirement: To create a new token, your Porta account must hold 12,500+ Porta tokens.
It does not cost 12,500 tokens to create an asset, instead, these funds are held in reserve. Reserved funds remain in your account and in your possession at all times. Reserved funds are not able to be transferred out of your account until the reserve lock is removed.


Go to Assets page of Porta Console.
Porta Explorer
Click: Create
Set the following:
  • The name of your asset
  • The ticker of your asset
  • Set decimals to 10.
  • Set minimum balance to 100.
  • Choose an asset_id that is not used by anyone else on the blockchain.
Your asset will appear in the asset list
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