Create a multisig account
A step-by-step guide for creating a multisig account in PolkadotJS Apps


Access PolkadotJS Apps
Porta Explorer
Navigate to the accounts page
Click the multisig button
Now you must: - Choose the signatories - Specify the threshold - Name the account The example below uses two signatories and a threshold of two, that means every signatory on the account is required to approve a single transaction. NOTE: Popular multi-sig accounts often have three signatories with a threshold of two, meaning only two of the three signatories are required to approve a transaction.
The multi-sig account will now be created on PolkadotJS Apps, but not on chain. For the account to exist on-chain, you must transfer funds to the account. The amount of funds you transfer must be greater than the existential amount specified by the chain.
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